Akoya Afrobeat is one of New York’s most original and longest running Afrobeat Bands. Started in 2002, Akoya has grown into a 14-piece multicultural Afrobeat Ensemble that includes musicians from Nigeria, Benin, South Africa, Botswana, Japan and the United States. The Akoya ranks are filled with some of New York’s finest musicians who have performed with Fela’s Egypt 80 Band, Fela! the Musical, Antibalas, Arcade Fire and Zozo Afrobeat, to name a few.

Akoya’s first two records, “Introducing the Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble” and “PDP,” have been distributed in the US, Japan and Europe on both vinyl and CD. 2005′s “Introducing…” was met with critical acclaim, and Akoya quickly gained the reputation of being one of the strongest new Afrobeat bands on the global scene. You can purchase “Introducing the Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble” here.

For our second record, “P.D.P. (President Dey Pass),” Akoya was lucky to have the love and support of Nigerian artist Lemi Ghariokwu. Lemi created a custom album cover for “P.D.P.” featuring vibrant colors and a collage of images derived from the lyrical content of the record. Lemi’s artwork has achieved world renown, gracing the covers of records by Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and E. T. Mensah. On the track “Jeje L’aiye,” Akoya had the great pleasure of collaborating with Cedric “Im” Brooks, the great Jamaican tenor saxophonist from the Skatalites and the Light of Saba. You can purchase “P.D.P.” here.

“Fela Dey” from our critically acclaimed record “P.D.P.” is featured alongside the likes of Tony Allen, Seun Kuti and Antibalas on the 2009 realease “The Rough Guide to Afrobeat Revival.” Akoya members have been at the heart of the new Afrobeat movement that blossomed in New York from the very beginning. Diverse interests and the unique musical experiences of the members of the band blend delectably into what our lead singer Kaleta calls the “Afrobeat Stew.”

Akoya loves vinyl records. That low end punch just sounds better off a turntable, don’t you agree? That’s why we always make vinyl pressings of our records.

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